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    EAEA offers EnerGuide assessments (audits), by trained NRCan certified professionals, to determine the energy efficiency of your home.

    An assessment is an attic to basement analysis of insulation levels, mechanical efficiencies, window & door integrity/efficiency, and overall air tightness of your home.

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Why is an energy assessment important?

Carbon Reduction

Reduce our carbon footprint

Ensure all home energy is used effectively

Lover overall energy consumed

Cost Savings

Lower consumption (costs) of natural gas

Lower consumption (costs) of electricity

New windows reduces maintenance (repairs) 

An energy efficient home adds value    

Peace of Mind

Reduce equipment repair & maintenance issues

Eliminate concerns of potential frozen pipes

Improve air quality

Decrease moisture/condensation/ mold issues

About Eco Advantage Energy Advisors Inc.

Eco Advantage Energy Advisors Inc. (EAEA) was founded by Ed Casteels in Feb 2010.

Ed Casteels became an active Energy Advisor in 2008, and quickly advanced to performing Quality Assurance, and Training new advisors.  With few remaining advancement opportunities where he was working, he started his own company, obtained a licence as a Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) Service Organization in February 2010, and Eco Advantage Energy Advisors Inc. was born.

Shortly after the start-up, the existing rebate programs changed, and realizing it was necessary to diversify, Ed obtained certifications for performing assessment on New Homes and ENERGY STAR Homes, as well as providing assessment services for low income programs.  Ed added to the team by recruiting experienced advisors, and training new groups of advisors, to perform assessments across Ontario. The individual team members have diverse backgrounds: from carpenters, builders, HVAC technicians, engineers, designers, architects, home inspectors, solar professionals, trainers, manufacturing, millwrights, farmers, plus many other formers careers.

The team currently has over 35 advisors and have completed many 10’s of thousands of various assessments.

EAEA continues to provide NRCan Energy Assessments for various rebate programs, low income programs, ENERGY STAR and Built Green, as well as provides Quality Assurance Services under contract to Natural Resources Canada, Efficiency Nova Scotia, and other private companies.