Trained Professionals

EAEA training begins during an exhaustive advisor selection process. Only individuals with a background in building and/or energy technologies qualify for acceptance with our company. These backgrounds include Home Inspectors, contractors, renovators, engineers, thermographers,  building science graduates, &  previously trained advisors.

EAEA provides comprehensive ongoing training to all its Energy Advisors, through in-class sessions, field monitoring, and continuous feedback from our Quality Assurance department.

New advisors must meet all stringent EAEA standards BEFORE being permitted to write the NRCan exams for certification.

Existing advisors must upgrade to EAEA standards before representing EAEA.
All advisors must adhere to a strict NRCan code of ethics, as well as additional criteria established by EAEA.

All files/assessments undergo a rigorous Quality Assurance review (more stringent than NRCan requirements) before being submitted to NRCan.